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About us


Since she was a small girl, Lynn has been very interested in sewing and needlework. Her mother, a home economics teacher, provided excellent instruction, as well as opportunity and encouragement to be creative. One summer her grandmother gave Lynn a small china baby doll that her mother had played with as a little girl. With a needle and thread, a pair of scissors and a few small pieces of fabric, Lynn spent the next week sewing clothes for that little doll - the designer in her was awakened!


Ever since then she has sewn and embroidered. About 20 years ago, Lynn discovered cloth doll making and the fun and freedom to design in that very expressive medium. Her latest passion is making bobbin lace - when she is not tweaking a pattern design!

Working in a small independent quilt shop, Lynn began teaching and designing projects for her classes. Since other teachers taught the quilt classes, she focused on other fun things to make. Creating patterns of her designs came next.

Her father's nickname for her was Lynnsville. He was a journalist, so naming the business Lynnsville Press Patterns both recognizes him and tells you what we do.

Lynnsville Press Patterns LLC brings you original designs for sewing, home and personal accessories, and more. Enjoy the process of creating pretty and useful items to enhance your sewing space and your life.

We hope you have fun - learn a new technique, work with a new thread or fabric, create and enjoy!